90 MAXIMUM. The sign, posted in Kilometers, allows motorists to traverse Alberta's Icefields Parkway at approximately 55 miles per hour. This stretch of road, featuring rugged peaks, waterfalls, glaciers, lakes, and white water, defines the Canadian Rockies. Contributing to the magnificence, surrounded by dramatic peaks, is a depression in a wooded slope. A small creek … Continue reading BEAUTY CREEK


The trail is short, almost nonexistent; its lack of definition indicating the solitude offered by this nook in the Rockies. By walking on rocks when I can, the faint trail when I can’t, I avoid disturbing the meadow more than my presence requires. Time in this setting, time in similar settings allows me to recognize … Continue reading LAKE AGNES CHAPTER TWO


Few venture into this cirque, I have been alone on every visit. A not too distant headwall, a narrow valley and steep cliffs define the small glacier that once lived here; my walk through its legacy will take me to the headwall, to its birthplace. A cooling planet allowed snow to accumulate, compact into ice. … Continue reading LAKE AGNES CHAPTER ONE

Moraine Lake

My brief time on this planet, the perspective granted by my short life, moves the patience required for the birth of this lake beyond my imagination—in this instance, my understanding exceeds my imagination. Shaped by a mass of ice that bulldozed its way through this rock, perfected by the brush of more subtle erosive forces, … Continue reading Moraine Lake