Glacier’s Sperry Chalet

It is warm for a Montana mountain night. A near full moon over my left shoulder displays my presence, creating a crisp shadow on a slab of white rock. Breaks in the surface offer a place to sit, a place to write. The voice of Feather Woman Falls echoes lightly from a cirque—flowing where a … Continue reading Glacier’s Sperry Chalet

Going to the Sun

“…those soft green leaves of the maple and the dogwood, are small, precious hints of the wild tapestry that once circled the earth, the patterns and paradigms that first breathed meaning into human existence. For many people those hints are what help transcend the tumult of daily living, they are the slim measure of miracle … Continue reading Going to the Sun

Trail of the Cedars

Glacier is a hiking park, it is a place that overwhelms and envelopes anyone willing to wander from the road and expend the energy required to place one foot in front of another. Your feet become an afterthought, your eyes move you forward. Your senses control your pace as you surrender to the sculptured landscape … Continue reading Trail of the Cedars