Wall Lake–October 2006

The parking lot is full, an indication of this trail’s popularity. A gentle, forested one mile walk in Utah’s Uinta Mountains will take us to the lake. We will share the trail with a multitude of hikers, more than I normally associate with the outdoors, but one in our group has limited ability, we cannot … Continue reading Wall Lake–October 2006

Living at the Edge

A fall trail beckons with color. A soft breeze sifts a motivational morning chill through light layers, warm blood flows under cool skin, legs drive me uphill, moving me forward, generating warmth. Winter lies ahead, summer, now part of my past, is blending with the pleasant memory of many seasons. Seasons define the passage of … Continue reading Living at the Edge

A Balancing Act

A picture, a captured memory, an indicator, a gauge of how we measure out world. When I am outdoors the visible light spectrum generally establishes my boundaries. Coastal trails are defined by measureless, blue horizons, mountain trails by snowcapped peaks while forested hikes are confined by surrounding vegetation. Other senses come into play but my … Continue reading A Balancing Act